Preparing For The First Day of School

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Summer is over, and now it 's time for the new year. This will help you prepare for your first day of class, to save time in the morning !

If you make friends they can trust you , you do not like a liar everyone.
Be friendly.

It is recommended that you have a " pocket " or '. This , I make up in packs of some extra cash spray gum, mouth, tampons / sanitary napkins, tissue, lip balm, eye liner, concealer, compact mirror, tissues, cotton swabs, deodorant / fragrance, and key There is a need.

Of course, first impression, can mean a number of things. Attitude - but do not look for people by inspiring false appearance and their. Faith. Everyone is naturally beautiful !

Please do not fun of someone, the first day. The rest of the year is known as a tyrant. I do not like the bullying everyone.

Do not take things for granted and please do not forget that it is on its own. I will try to be there to someone you do not know you ! Itself is ;)

To your work is important ! You just because they are lazy, do not miss one day of work.

You get to school on time.

Remain clean and tidy.

If you have stretched / school year it's curly hair girl, all the time, you take a break during the summer months. It gives you time to repair the damage to the entire pool in your style. Then, back to school hair with ' new ' !

Reunited with old friends has lost contact with people who have not seen it that you leave the field due to the reality and summer, to boost your confidence. I think even if you do not have a class with them, in order to plan the night ( or boy ) week girl or to talk with them, and I have the same lunch time.

So What are the options to wear on the first day is you, please do not forget to wash your clothes a few days ago.

Please be well like oneself.

I try to keep the extra money for the repurchase of summer and school activities at hand. Back to school, remember the good old days of summer to the stress of all, you can buy some gifts ($), you can go anywhere friends ( $), splurge you, ($ $ $ ).

And remember, there is what you are, you can not anyone, steal your style, the dignity and individuality.

Because Well, it's summer, there is a tendency to healthy eating less in the summer some people ! In the weeks leading up to the school, ( fruits, vegetables, " wink " to poptarts ' wink ' less ) So, the skin and body of your habits and feel better for the first day and try to eat healthy you can use it to get !

First day is not going well, but you are a new day... relax tomorrow take a deep breath !

Laughing !

If you are new, so you will be conquered on the first day, there is no far better to hang up.

The last one, that is to say away twice for his seventh grade, high school, more mature, and there is a responsibility !

Lie does not go to your friends. It will be appreciated in the end.

Drink or no medicine no. I think few people, it's very cool. The thing you have to ruin that you have a tooth rough your breath, you lose a lot of money for addiction, do you remember that long, not fresh.

Things, I take club, sport, as a game.


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