Several types of Personality Children

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Several types of Personality Children - This time we will discuss about the personality, this is the basic of a child's character formation. Why do we need to discuss about personality, personality is part of a very unique human beings we have a tendency where large enough to respond to everything

By understanding the child's personality meant we had to cut our time to second guessing, tried to understand and comprehend our children, we can be much easier to understand a person's personality type with attention to the child. Well in this article I will use the typology of personality that is very widely used by family therapists, by the manager or HRD practitioners in human resources to analyze a person's personality. This divides human personality into four major categories, namely korelis, sanguinis, Phlegmatic and melancholic.

Choleric - personality type represents the assertive and then tend to lead, well he is a born leader. Naturally born leaders so koleris. Characteristics To The Point, he wants everything done fast and right then and there, he does not beat around the bush but at the extreme point is he could become too dominant and too organize, too controlling, so that others can not stand it. And then he wants everything done very quickly then it could be he forgot some details about important things to do. That's true personality type koleris. Koleris people would dress in a practical, simple, is not concerned with of fashions, but is more concerned with the function of the clothes. And the koleris usually very upright seat and he walked with a very upright with head held up. In fact it has the personality of each individual levels, it is very unlikely we find somebody who true koleris. That is one hundred percent koleris while in others it is zero everything. A child who koleris, usually have a strong motivation from within, the term "I know what I want". If you want to drive them, show benefits for children if they do so. For example: "If you tutoring English language it is easy for you to understand the rules of the game that often papa and you do, there are many similar games that we can play".

Sanguinis - Sanguinis are bright, cheerful, could hear his voice long before seeing the person, excited and wearing rousing clothes are usually brightly colored with a lot of accessories, well sanguinis is a person who likes to be the center of attention. If you come to a party and see a person surrounded by others, storytelling, all entertained and laughed, then people are told that a sanguinis. Yes, sanguinis is the center of attention. If you see people dressed in bright colorful sanguinis and many accessories, she would not be uncomfortable with it all even he would have liked, because then he could attract the attention of others. Sanguinis people will run with a cheerful style will turn to the right and left and throws a lot of smiles to people around him. A child is a child sanguinis extremely happy to play and hang out with many of his friends. Pleased with the activity of "outdoor" or fun gatherings. It is easy for you to translate my language relating to children sanguinis.

Melankolis -  is a neat, usually writing diligent, neat, complete, detail because if they lecture notes they would normally borrowed by his friends. And then he will have a neat style of grooming, there is not one strand of hair that was combed out ok everything neatly as set in place. A melancholy always very neatly dressed at all, and put like colors that have a suitable color combination. So do not be vain, meaning he will not wear green subordinates and then it bright yellow. He will consider everything, that's the melancholy. If something could be buried harbored very long, anger can be very long at all, but the melancholy is very detailed, so like with the data and facts. Well that's a melancholy. He is so expert in the planning and expert in the analysis. The characteristics of a very melancholy child is this kid looks very organized, likes neatness, I often find them academically is intelligent and clever. Children love melancholy "control" everything themselves. Sometimes determining who will be wearing clothes, eating what's this afternoon, and so on. They often like to remind us, if out of the room lights turned off, the TV or the laptop is turned off.

Phlegmatic - is a personality who likes to do everything in the order given, if it is already so do not need another Come one, well just follow anyway. That Phlegmatic, a faithful follower type. She could bear to sit for hours doing something for days, weeks and months where it can not be done by a person which a koleris or sanguinis. They will not bear to sit for hours, days, weeks, months doing the same thing over and over again. Phlegmatic perfectly suited to do it all, very loyal and can be trusted with secrets. That person Phlegmatic, they are very easy to set up they are very tolerant. If you have kids are  Phlegmatic, you can say "time to eat my son", "yes" if you are busy, you can say "boy, now Mama was busy, eat later", "yes" Phlegmatic children are not going to sue you. It will be very different from children koleris "kid eat later", "no! I wants now "that children koleris. Phlegmatic Children usually tend to be quiet and succumb. They often avoid conflict and often give up the equipment he writes for the loan and not infrequently sometimes feel "uncomfortable" for asking.


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