Tips for a durable notebook battery

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Tips for a durable notebook battery. Certainly we often find some people who like to complain about the power capacity of the laptop battery that is steadily declining. There is used one and a half hours, then die, there are less than 30 minutes of laptop battery is dead, some are even worse, the laptop battery does not hold at all in other words, now if you like turn on the notebook, must be connected to the charger and to the flow of electricity. Yes, that's some of the phenomena that occur in the society around us that many complain about laptop batteries often die suddenly, or the laptop battery that does not last long if used.

Tips for a durable notebook battery
The following are some tips for a durable notebook battery : 
  1. Perform regular defrag. The faster your hard drive's performance, the more battery saving you, therefore make your hard drive as efficient as possible by doing defrag regularly.
  2. Reduce your monitor light. To save your battery energy, reduce light laptop monitor to the appropriate tolerance limits for your eyes.
  3. Turn off unnecessary programs. iTunes, Desktop Search, and others. All of these programs add to the CPU load and battery. Turn off all unnecessary programs if you're using a laptop with a battery.
  4. Turn off the external hardware. The tools with USB (including your mouse) and WiFi, all suck up your battery power. Unplug or turn off if they are not used. Now you know that recharge your iPod in a laptop is a bad idea.
  5. Add RAM. If you frequently use programs that require a large memory, add RAM rather than using virtual memory that overload the hard drive, also make the battery extravagant.
  6. Use a hard drive rather than CD / DVD. Although hard drives spent much battery power, but the CD and the DVD spends more energy, even when they are not being used. Wherever possible use a virtual drive program like Alcohol 120%.
  7. Keep the cleanliness battery. Clean energy iron be a liaison with laptop batteries on a regular basis, so that the transfer of energy from your battery more efficient.
  8. Keep the battery condition. It is not good to leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time. Once charged, you should use the battery at least once in 2-3 weeks. One thing to remember, if your laptop battery Li-On then do not ever use it until it is completely discharged.
  9. Choose hibernate, not standby. Although the standby mode can save battery life and you can immediately use your laptop at anytime, but the hibernate function can save much more energy because this function actually turn off your laptop.
  10. Keep the temperature of your laptop. Your laptop to function more efficiently if the temperature is cooler. Clean the air vents with a soft cloth or keyboard cleaner.
  11. Avoid multitasking. Do something in one by one if you're using a laptop with a battery. Do not work with multitasking if you really want to save your battery.
  12. Reduce the load on your CPU. Activities like email and word processing are small for a laptop CPU load, use less battery power than running a game or watch a DVD. So choose your priorities wisely.
  13. Reduce the load on the graphics. You can do this by changing your screen resolution and turn off unneeded graphics drivers. Graphics card or video card is the same as the hard disk in wasteful spending battery energy.
  14. WebCam Turn off if not needed. Sometimes after a chat using webcam (Whether it's Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Facebook or others), we forgot to turn off web camera in a notebook. It would be better if we could turn off the webcam when not in use.

Easy enough right. If you are painstaking to do it, you can be sure the battery will be more durable and long lasting.


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