How to Overcome Addiction Games On Children

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How to Overcome Addiction Games On Children - Tell me, have we asked specifically why children and teenagers and even adults addicted to gaming? Perhaps the simplest answer is the game fun and exciting game models. Glance answer is good and reasonable. But the game has been in the news lately more than just exciting and fun. What is it and why there is more fun? Because now there is no life and his own world, or simply there "its natural" itself.

We will learn why children and teenagers are so fond of something whose name the game, and what the psychological impact of hazards and the future children of the nation.

Many parents have complained and already was powerless if her son was addicted to this one. On one side there is also delish parents, when their children play the game they have the time for yourself and as can be free from the consequences of routine tasks and duties to take care of the child. But you know that there are many "natural" are malicious in nature and it favors games for children.

Let us understand what is happening in the gaming world of nature, in nature you are not anybody can be a nobody. That is if you are in the real world you're a ordinary, troubled school children and troubled life in the real world, can be changed completely if you play a natural role in the game. Suppose your child is in trouble with his school grades and his attitude, could have been in the natural game he is a hero who helped many people and strong and appreciated. And this is in contrast to the real world isn't? Even in in nature games or game world he is a king who is respected and has a lot of wealth and all the commands and wishes to be obeyed.

Children feel nobody in the real world, but he is the "King" or the people in power in the game universe. And it favors him because of appreciation and acceptance acutely felt in the gaming universe. Meanwhile, in the real world, he was not appreciated and various negative labels on children who already piling up on him. Those who seemed to be the loser in the real world and children are in "vain", can be a true champion in a different universe. They get appreciation and received, in hailed feel needed, desired and it was all different from the real world in his life. Got it right? Why children and teenagers can be addicted to gaming?

As a parent or observer of child development helps us understand this and provide different treatment to our children, accept him for what it is and help them to excel and make him into a great kid outstanding in the field of he loves. If we do not take our responsibility, then it is there that can take over and we know that's the kind of games and a variety of media ready to be a teacher and influence in his life.

Take a look, in this game now already very attentive to the many facets of human psiokologis, it was clear the market because they are human. But we want to share here is that they are much more able to understand the human from the man himself to his fellow man. Example, rarely or never found in the game world there criticism and invective when a child fails to play, there is the word "try again, wanted to continue, and the like" compare in our everyday life of a child or an adult, one once already considered not capable. And the attached label or stamp in our minds and our children forever, which means, when what we need is training and of habituation, because we do not know and understand. In the game there are no rules as such, they are much more understanding and patient than our fellow human beings.

Game also overcome many things in life, some time ago there a fellow who every day gaming addiction as lonely and difficult to communicate with his family. He ended up playing games themed farm that "tying", every day of his Ipad emits the sound of a cow, if it had not been fed, and she can would beg to real "my cow has not eat yet" and there certain times where he should concentrate on the game without having allowed disturbed. As if life as a busy professional however, only feed the cows in the game, tell yourself everyday and foolishness with out laughing.

Well, you already know the problem and how to solve it? There are 5 tips that will be shared and you can practice in your daily life and your child.

  1. Provide more time and togetherness with children, accompany the child at home. If you are very busy, set in such a way. Let's say your child is "sick" and need to be accompanied.
  2. Develop a better way to communicate and connect with children.
  3. Trying to understand the needs of children, including child language. Explore games that can be played so that the entrance you talk to the child.
  4. Plan time to eat together and together recreation. When chatting with a nice teenagers who is the current situation they are also good, while eat and relaxing.
  5. Do not talk especially with the grumpy to the child while they are playing games. It actually makes them become wounded. Trying to talk with a child looked at with affection.

Hopefully article and this information is useful to you and your beloved family. Take back your primary function, and love children with all our hearts.

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