Several types of Personality Children

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Several types of Personality Children - This time we will discuss about the personality, this is the basic of a child's character formation. Why do we need to discuss about personality, personality is part of a very unique human beings we have a tendency where large enough to respond to everything

By understanding the child's personality meant we had to cut our time to second guessing, tried to understand and comprehend our children, we can be much easier to understand a person's personality type with attention to the child. Well in this article I will use the typology of personality that is very widely used by family therapists, by the manager or HRD practitioners in human resources to analyze a person's personality. This divides human personality into four major categories, namely korelis, sanguinis, Phlegmatic and melancholic.

Choleric - personality type represents the assertive and then tend to lead, well he is a born leader. Naturally born leaders so koleris. Characteristics To The Point, he wants everything done fast and right then and there, he does not beat around the bush but at the extreme point is he could become too dominant and too organize, too controlling, so that others can not stand it. And then he wants everything done very quickly then it could be he forgot some details about important things to do. That's true personality type koleris. Koleris people would dress in a practical, simple, is not concerned with of fashions, but is more concerned with the function of the clothes. And the koleris usually very upright seat and he walked with a very upright with head held up. In fact it has the personality of each individual levels, it is very unlikely we find somebody who true koleris. That is one hundred percent koleris while in others it is zero everything. A child who koleris, usually have a strong motivation from within, the term "I know what I want". If you want to drive them, show benefits for children if they do so. For example: "If you tutoring English language it is easy for you to understand the rules of the game that often papa and you do, there are many similar games that we can play".

Sanguinis - Sanguinis are bright, cheerful, could hear his voice long before seeing the person, excited and wearing rousing clothes are usually brightly colored with a lot of accessories, well sanguinis is a person who likes to be the center of attention. If you come to a party and see a person surrounded by others, storytelling, all entertained and laughed, then people are told that a sanguinis. Yes, sanguinis is the center of attention. If you see people dressed in bright colorful sanguinis and many accessories, she would not be uncomfortable with it all even he would have liked, because then he could attract the attention of others. Sanguinis people will run with a cheerful style will turn to the right and left and throws a lot of smiles to people around him. A child is a child sanguinis extremely happy to play and hang out with many of his friends. Pleased with the activity of "outdoor" or fun gatherings. It is easy for you to translate my language relating to children sanguinis.

Melankolis -  is a neat, usually writing diligent, neat, complete, detail because if they lecture notes they would normally borrowed by his friends. And then he will have a neat style of grooming, there is not one strand of hair that was combed out ok everything neatly as set in place. A melancholy always very neatly dressed at all, and put like colors that have a suitable color combination. So do not be vain, meaning he will not wear green subordinates and then it bright yellow. He will consider everything, that's the melancholy. If something could be buried harbored very long, anger can be very long at all, but the melancholy is very detailed, so like with the data and facts. Well that's a melancholy. He is so expert in the planning and expert in the analysis. The characteristics of a very melancholy child is this kid looks very organized, likes neatness, I often find them academically is intelligent and clever. Children love melancholy "control" everything themselves. Sometimes determining who will be wearing clothes, eating what's this afternoon, and so on. They often like to remind us, if out of the room lights turned off, the TV or the laptop is turned off.

Phlegmatic - is a personality who likes to do everything in the order given, if it is already so do not need another Come one, well just follow anyway. That Phlegmatic, a faithful follower type. She could bear to sit for hours doing something for days, weeks and months where it can not be done by a person which a koleris or sanguinis. They will not bear to sit for hours, days, weeks, months doing the same thing over and over again. Phlegmatic perfectly suited to do it all, very loyal and can be trusted with secrets. That person Phlegmatic, they are very easy to set up they are very tolerant. If you have kids are  Phlegmatic, you can say "time to eat my son", "yes" if you are busy, you can say "boy, now Mama was busy, eat later", "yes" Phlegmatic children are not going to sue you. It will be very different from children koleris "kid eat later", "no! I wants now "that children koleris. Phlegmatic Children usually tend to be quiet and succumb. They often avoid conflict and often give up the equipment he writes for the loan and not infrequently sometimes feel "uncomfortable" for asking.

How to Overcome Addiction Games On Children

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How to Overcome Addiction Games On Children - Tell me, have we asked specifically why children and teenagers and even adults addicted to gaming? Perhaps the simplest answer is the game fun and exciting game models. Glance answer is good and reasonable. But the game has been in the news lately more than just exciting and fun. What is it and why there is more fun? Because now there is no life and his own world, or simply there "its natural" itself.

We will learn why children and teenagers are so fond of something whose name the game, and what the psychological impact of hazards and the future children of the nation.

Many parents have complained and already was powerless if her son was addicted to this one. On one side there is also delish parents, when their children play the game they have the time for yourself and as can be free from the consequences of routine tasks and duties to take care of the child. But you know that there are many "natural" are malicious in nature and it favors games for children.

Let us understand what is happening in the gaming world of nature, in nature you are not anybody can be a nobody. That is if you are in the real world you're a ordinary, troubled school children and troubled life in the real world, can be changed completely if you play a natural role in the game. Suppose your child is in trouble with his school grades and his attitude, could have been in the natural game he is a hero who helped many people and strong and appreciated. And this is in contrast to the real world isn't? Even in in nature games or game world he is a king who is respected and has a lot of wealth and all the commands and wishes to be obeyed.

Children feel nobody in the real world, but he is the "King" or the people in power in the game universe. And it favors him because of appreciation and acceptance acutely felt in the gaming universe. Meanwhile, in the real world, he was not appreciated and various negative labels on children who already piling up on him. Those who seemed to be the loser in the real world and children are in "vain", can be a true champion in a different universe. They get appreciation and received, in hailed feel needed, desired and it was all different from the real world in his life. Got it right? Why children and teenagers can be addicted to gaming?

As a parent or observer of child development helps us understand this and provide different treatment to our children, accept him for what it is and help them to excel and make him into a great kid outstanding in the field of he loves. If we do not take our responsibility, then it is there that can take over and we know that's the kind of games and a variety of media ready to be a teacher and influence in his life.

Take a look, in this game now already very attentive to the many facets of human psiokologis, it was clear the market because they are human. But we want to share here is that they are much more able to understand the human from the man himself to his fellow man. Example, rarely or never found in the game world there criticism and invective when a child fails to play, there is the word "try again, wanted to continue, and the like" compare in our everyday life of a child or an adult, one once already considered not capable. And the attached label or stamp in our minds and our children forever, which means, when what we need is training and of habituation, because we do not know and understand. In the game there are no rules as such, they are much more understanding and patient than our fellow human beings.

Game also overcome many things in life, some time ago there a fellow who every day gaming addiction as lonely and difficult to communicate with his family. He ended up playing games themed farm that "tying", every day of his Ipad emits the sound of a cow, if it had not been fed, and she can would beg to real "my cow has not eat yet" and there certain times where he should concentrate on the game without having allowed disturbed. As if life as a busy professional however, only feed the cows in the game, tell yourself everyday and foolishness with out laughing.

Well, you already know the problem and how to solve it? There are 5 tips that will be shared and you can practice in your daily life and your child.

  1. Provide more time and togetherness with children, accompany the child at home. If you are very busy, set in such a way. Let's say your child is "sick" and need to be accompanied.
  2. Develop a better way to communicate and connect with children.
  3. Trying to understand the needs of children, including child language. Explore games that can be played so that the entrance you talk to the child.
  4. Plan time to eat together and together recreation. When chatting with a nice teenagers who is the current situation they are also good, while eat and relaxing.
  5. Do not talk especially with the grumpy to the child while they are playing games. It actually makes them become wounded. Trying to talk with a child looked at with affection.

Hopefully article and this information is useful to you and your beloved family. Take back your primary function, and love children with all our hearts.

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Tips for a durable notebook battery

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Tips for a durable notebook battery. Certainly we often find some people who like to complain about the power capacity of the laptop battery that is steadily declining. There is used one and a half hours, then die, there are less than 30 minutes of laptop battery is dead, some are even worse, the laptop battery does not hold at all in other words, now if you like turn on the notebook, must be connected to the charger and to the flow of electricity. Yes, that's some of the phenomena that occur in the society around us that many complain about laptop batteries often die suddenly, or the laptop battery that does not last long if used.

Tips for a durable notebook battery
The following are some tips for a durable notebook battery : 
  1. Perform regular defrag. The faster your hard drive's performance, the more battery saving you, therefore make your hard drive as efficient as possible by doing defrag regularly.
  2. Reduce your monitor light. To save your battery energy, reduce light laptop monitor to the appropriate tolerance limits for your eyes.
  3. Turn off unnecessary programs. iTunes, Desktop Search, and others. All of these programs add to the CPU load and battery. Turn off all unnecessary programs if you're using a laptop with a battery.
  4. Turn off the external hardware. The tools with USB (including your mouse) and WiFi, all suck up your battery power. Unplug or turn off if they are not used. Now you know that recharge your iPod in a laptop is a bad idea.
  5. Add RAM. If you frequently use programs that require a large memory, add RAM rather than using virtual memory that overload the hard drive, also make the battery extravagant.
  6. Use a hard drive rather than CD / DVD. Although hard drives spent much battery power, but the CD and the DVD spends more energy, even when they are not being used. Wherever possible use a virtual drive program like Alcohol 120%.
  7. Keep the cleanliness battery. Clean energy iron be a liaison with laptop batteries on a regular basis, so that the transfer of energy from your battery more efficient.
  8. Keep the battery condition. It is not good to leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time. Once charged, you should use the battery at least once in 2-3 weeks. One thing to remember, if your laptop battery Li-On then do not ever use it until it is completely discharged.
  9. Choose hibernate, not standby. Although the standby mode can save battery life and you can immediately use your laptop at anytime, but the hibernate function can save much more energy because this function actually turn off your laptop.
  10. Keep the temperature of your laptop. Your laptop to function more efficiently if the temperature is cooler. Clean the air vents with a soft cloth or keyboard cleaner.
  11. Avoid multitasking. Do something in one by one if you're using a laptop with a battery. Do not work with multitasking if you really want to save your battery.
  12. Reduce the load on your CPU. Activities like email and word processing are small for a laptop CPU load, use less battery power than running a game or watch a DVD. So choose your priorities wisely.
  13. Reduce the load on the graphics. You can do this by changing your screen resolution and turn off unneeded graphics drivers. Graphics card or video card is the same as the hard disk in wasteful spending battery energy.
  14. WebCam Turn off if not needed. Sometimes after a chat using webcam (Whether it's Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Facebook or others), we forgot to turn off web camera in a notebook. It would be better if we could turn off the webcam when not in use.

Easy enough right. If you are painstaking to do it, you can be sure the battery will be more durable and long lasting.

Tips Learning Fun

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Tips Learning Fun. Not a few of the teachers were asked about ways to make learning more fun. As a teacher or a instructor, it is important to know how that learning in class so enjoyable. In order to obtain all the above conditions, the teachers as educators must have a high sincerity to teach.

If sincere hearts already in it will show the happiness of a teacher. By the time the teacher happy it will show a friendly face and full of smiles. Learning the fun will begin with a face full of smiles.

Teachers often pay less attention to the little things. They too assume that the media is what makes the learning fun study can be realized, and is not caused by a smile or happiness instructor. When a instructor has a feeling of happiness or pleasure and enthusiasm that all students will pay attention and listen to what is said.

lessons which lasted for several hours will not be felt because all students pay attention and listen to the presentation with full enthusiasm high.

Teachers are happy, motivated and smile will make learning more fun. A professional teacher must not only understand the science that is taught, but also pay attention to how to deliver the lesson. The teacher must master the material that will be presented to students. Without mastering the material then do not expect that learning becomes fun.

A teacher also should have the potential to motivate and develop teachers in teaching so that learners can generate intelligent and able to contribute in their respective fields. Teachers today are expected to reflect on his own to improve teaching and less pleasant way. The teaching method is modified by the teacher to a more interactive is needed.

Teachers are required to convey the material to attract using either of props or instructional media and it would be better if it could develop a multimedia the learning. By using fun study methods will be able to foster an interest and love for the students because the material is delivered with a pleasant atmosphere. Teachers are happy the students also pleased.

Preparing For The First Day of School

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Summer is over, and now it 's time for the new year. This will help you prepare for your first day of class, to save time in the morning !

If you make friends they can trust you , you do not like a liar everyone.
Be friendly.

It is recommended that you have a " pocket " or '. This , I make up in packs of some extra cash spray gum, mouth, tampons / sanitary napkins, tissue, lip balm, eye liner, concealer, compact mirror, tissues, cotton swabs, deodorant / fragrance, and key There is a need.

Of course, first impression, can mean a number of things. Attitude - but do not look for people by inspiring false appearance and their. Faith. Everyone is naturally beautiful !

Please do not fun of someone, the first day. The rest of the year is known as a tyrant. I do not like the bullying everyone.

Do not take things for granted and please do not forget that it is on its own. I will try to be there to someone you do not know you ! Itself is ;)

To your work is important ! You just because they are lazy, do not miss one day of work.

You get to school on time.

Remain clean and tidy.

If you have stretched / school year it's curly hair girl, all the time, you take a break during the summer months. It gives you time to repair the damage to the entire pool in your style. Then, back to school hair with ' new ' !

Reunited with old friends has lost contact with people who have not seen it that you leave the field due to the reality and summer, to boost your confidence. I think even if you do not have a class with them, in order to plan the night ( or boy ) week girl or to talk with them, and I have the same lunch time.

So What are the options to wear on the first day is you, please do not forget to wash your clothes a few days ago.

Please be well like oneself.

I try to keep the extra money for the repurchase of summer and school activities at hand. Back to school, remember the good old days of summer to the stress of all, you can buy some gifts ($), you can go anywhere friends ( $), splurge you, ($ $ $ ).

And remember, there is what you are, you can not anyone, steal your style, the dignity and individuality.

Because Well, it's summer, there is a tendency to healthy eating less in the summer some people ! In the weeks leading up to the school, ( fruits, vegetables, " wink " to poptarts ' wink ' less ) So, the skin and body of your habits and feel better for the first day and try to eat healthy you can use it to get !

First day is not going well, but you are a new day... relax tomorrow take a deep breath !

Laughing !

If you are new, so you will be conquered on the first day, there is no far better to hang up.

The last one, that is to say away twice for his seventh grade, high school, more mature, and there is a responsibility !

Lie does not go to your friends. It will be appreciated in the end.

Drink or no medicine no. I think few people, it's very cool. The thing you have to ruin that you have a tooth rough your breath, you lose a lot of money for addiction, do you remember that long, not fresh.

Things, I take club, sport, as a game.

Tips to Be Attentive in Class

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Pay attention in the class - is an attentive class, does it want to be is you, is fun how many teenagers, there is a problem as well, that you would really know once that to study.

I have a set of colored pencils on your machine. Teacher is telling the story fundamental something each time. The main point of each, and learn a little more in order to should be written in different colors you describe fun, you write.

Pic by:

If all students are bored in class, of course, tend to be boring. You will not think I have realized the teacher may give their votes in the explosion, and you try to a little more concrete, that. I try to be interested about what happens.

I make a column to the story of the staff about the progress of the daily program. Add a column, I turn the page, it said notes of every day, it is possible to see clearly what class it is simple for you to not careful, you are a judgment day to your attention to the kind of best you.

You ask a question, such as you want to a specific topic of teacher. Paid to contribution class itself to remember the question.

I make a piece of your future. In order to achieve the goal, if you are interested in the carrier, it is necessary to get good results in all subjects it to you. So please pay attention in your dreams for your future.

Connect the subjects learned in class with your life, please refer to the result. It would be fun, and it can be done when it is attentive in the class.

The vote, please remember that it is based on the attention of their class mainly.

Best Tips to Make Enjoy at School

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Please ensure that you have all the materials you would like to prepare.

If you are still, forever, and caught in the adult / teacher of something because it is what is there - they teach.

The supply of the class but please do not forget.

You will not be to the teacher, even if you think or dream, to speak when

If you do not, the teacher will know that you are respectful.

To do your best in everything that you want to study hard, please be prepared to try not to get into trouble.

It runs very well with your parents in order to get extra supplies.

Do not try next to the people who are going to sit down, you'd been distracted, if you do not go at the end of the day, it is to get good grades.

When you're ready, the teacher will love it.

Do not miss going to be a teacher is such a thing.

Private school is interrupted, you will get a bad reputation, so probably a bad performance, until now, does not get to fight a particularly outstanding student, with the student.

Best Ways to Focus When Studying

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The health food , you must help the brain to focus.

Please enjoy never panic ! Instead , focus on the stage for you, I will fulfill this role. And I go to the next step. Think positive, it is determined to get a good score.

Pic by:
I'm trying to worry the parents of your happiness after the good results.

To improve the productivity, it is possible to study in a closed environment is not disturbed at all.

I think it's smile while writing and answers positive.

Please do not be listening to music in words.  It is in the details I would like to concentrate on / listening position number how much text or in many cases.

Not much. If you feel the panic during the test, and took a deep breath, read the notes, process the information, and we are trying to understand.

While learning to forget all your troubles, please try to try not to think about TV and video games. It will help you!

I am planning that day and sleep well. He know the motive yourself to work hard. 2 hours, hard work, can seem time to go fast or maybe break after hours.

Do you have a special studio with no distractions you. If the heart or PC on your TV, you have set the basic room without the distraction of other focused completely, this will help.

To think what would happen if you did not even. In your research.

I go to the local library near to study all quiet.

For the people of some, listening to music.

I will create a schedule for the time window of each subject and your research.

Let the revision of you until the end. I will plan ahead. And remember, early, and then start the less stress than you feel. When you come home from school every day, you can always work. Please refer to the little by little to you.

Tips to Learn Speed Reading

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You are at some point I thought to read the long-winded e-mail from co-workers hit the textbook of class of philosophy, whether you are reading the morning newspaper simply, you want to read a little faster chance.

Pic by:

Now, at the expense of sometimes several hundred U.S. dollars, many of the companies training, it offers this in order to enhance the computer program further. But reading speed, why do you pay the money of student loans and salary for the system to read the speed at which by following these simple steps, I was able to start to read faster today ?

The eye to extend the media the word four, five more than one on the page actually read the scrap, please note. However, most players do not want their peripheral vision to see the end of words of each line. When you read, in order to overcome this ' soft ' your eyes - relaxes your face, to strengthen your eyes, to see each word as a separate entity, and instead of the block it will start to look at the words to.

If you are good at the eyes of you to strike quickly on the page. If you are near the end of the line you, you will be able to see me. Is possible to scan through and down to the next line as soon as it is words in peripheral vision of your last set like this.

I take a break on a regular basis. You are good Your understanding and attention if you take half an hour or break of five minutes per hour. It is also important to avoid the eye to take a break, and keep the health of your eyes.

You might think it is even possible, and want to read. The fiction fast some, for example, it is relatively fast, it is easy to read as a general rule, you can be a lot of beauty and trade nuance it - losing a fiction writer, even if you know.

Everything that happens in the story. The same is true for poetry. If you're reading for pleasure, to taste the words might be best to it.

Other pages index cards, or bookmarks, - width of the item, you can reduce the rate of multiple fingers. Obscured the surrounding text to prevent the floating card. Their eyes

You will be able fast simplest / character book / passage, to understand. It starts from a simple idea to go fast.

You use your fingers and your hands to guide the eyes slowly, but if you start in the severe pace. Even if you do not think you can catch up on your hands, go for 2 or page to test your understanding. With a little practice, you will be able to move your hands, faster, read as this .

The article begins with a reading and book already. If you are familiar with the material, that to save the words smoothly, to maintain easier.

If you want to use index caret symbol ( ^ ) along the you, every inch up, trick great insert your card. This is useful reading of individual words instead, to. Further away, you in the case of a group of words when you want to improve the use of the new tab caret as multiple words in each burst.

Tips to Make Enjoy Learning

Posted by Clara Sasty On 6:45 PM 3 comments

Learning new things is an important part of life difficult-to-treat. I think some people, that there is irritating to find the learning of several tedious it. This article is designed to help you with this difficult problem.

Pic by:

I understand why you need to learn. If you have never learned the math, one day, please try to imagine that you have decided to do a pizza for you and your friends him. I have never learned the difference between small Pizza and large they, you, is not enough. Or sound like strange ? Therefore, we must learn.

I think or not easy and fun for you. This could be considered so difficult. Fun for you What ? Why? If you find a reason to go to the next step.

I think the way you might have started to learn your idea of ? fun. Any ideas ? It's what appears to be you and say that I love football, I am interesting to it, but I hate math. Maybe you, is considered the best way you can in order to learn to work, try the angle of the angle of each, to achieve the goal.

If you think a way to get your problem, not your idea of fun and easy, ask a friend how they relate. To think the idea still, if you you are not discouraged if she and really are stuck. Come.

As soon as you see you and may have discovered, go ahead ! You can use the connection to the learning fun and fun and learning. You also, to wikiHow on, a lot of fun, learning new things might perhaps be surprised !

And remember, everyone is different. If you are having a difficult time, because I think in the box, it might be you. I think that it was different to be creative.

Some teachers, can help you to learn a bit of fun. Please consult your teacher to get a tutor if you think that it could help you.

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