Tips to Learn Speed Reading

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You are at some point I thought to read the long-winded e-mail from co-workers hit the textbook of class of philosophy, whether you are reading the morning newspaper simply, you want to read a little faster chance.

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Now, at the expense of sometimes several hundred U.S. dollars, many of the companies training, it offers this in order to enhance the computer program further. But reading speed, why do you pay the money of student loans and salary for the system to read the speed at which by following these simple steps, I was able to start to read faster today ?

The eye to extend the media the word four, five more than one on the page actually read the scrap, please note. However, most players do not want their peripheral vision to see the end of words of each line. When you read, in order to overcome this ' soft ' your eyes - relaxes your face, to strengthen your eyes, to see each word as a separate entity, and instead of the block it will start to look at the words to.

If you are good at the eyes of you to strike quickly on the page. If you are near the end of the line you, you will be able to see me. Is possible to scan through and down to the next line as soon as it is words in peripheral vision of your last set like this.

I take a break on a regular basis. You are good Your understanding and attention if you take half an hour or break of five minutes per hour. It is also important to avoid the eye to take a break, and keep the health of your eyes.

You might think it is even possible, and want to read. The fiction fast some, for example, it is relatively fast, it is easy to read as a general rule, you can be a lot of beauty and trade nuance it - losing a fiction writer, even if you know.

Everything that happens in the story. The same is true for poetry. If you're reading for pleasure, to taste the words might be best to it.

Other pages index cards, or bookmarks, - width of the item, you can reduce the rate of multiple fingers. Obscured the surrounding text to prevent the floating card. Their eyes

You will be able fast simplest / character book / passage, to understand. It starts from a simple idea to go fast.

You use your fingers and your hands to guide the eyes slowly, but if you start in the severe pace. Even if you do not think you can catch up on your hands, go for 2 or page to test your understanding. With a little practice, you will be able to move your hands, faster, read as this .

The article begins with a reading and book already. If you are familiar with the material, that to save the words smoothly, to maintain easier.

If you want to use index caret symbol ( ^ ) along the you, every inch up, trick great insert your card. This is useful reading of individual words instead, to. Further away, you in the case of a group of words when you want to improve the use of the new tab caret as multiple words in each burst.


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