Tips to Be a Successful Graduate Assistant

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Graduate assistant is a position coveted by universities and colleges. You can experience and research training, or, and use boss of teachers, mentors. Be initiated right foot it is important.

We hope that you share with other teachers and (IG) computer desk, and telephone.

I is working when you are asked to show the social security card and driver's license. Assumption of your document can not be processed without a copy of these elements.

You have to. Jump even if you know their students in the department to know the new soldier " orientation, it does not feel all.

I deal with and support staff courtesy and respect. There is no very good than them. If it is time for the evaluation of the end, it may be its contribution is required.

Set. The coffee and donuts in the cafeteria before.

Also, GIS on your fellow, please do not say the duties complain. So you can you visualize teach the class, but there is a teacher grading papers need of supervisor. I have a way to jurisdictions dean quick to gossip. If Kramer and trouble maker and want to see you, please do not expect to be invited to next year.

It is not a good idea for the students in the class to assist or teach tell the moment you give. Students can be misunderstood your intentions, and report to the head of department or dean.

It is an expert to deal with students. Please do not and people cheating. Behind closed doors and the students are not.

If there is a problem with the students of the class, you can record the incident in an e-mail with the boss as soon as possible. I copy the e-mail address your personal.

Please keep in mind that it was not asked to perform your activities. This also, it is possible to build a tour for prospective students, fill if the reception is gone, the library, collecting material for his leadership ! Also in this case, that you do not complain about is important.

Unless asked to do so explicitly by teachers with their names, and do not employ a member. Now, I do not believe that what also at the same level that you have a GA.


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