Tips to Make Be a Smart Student

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Studio ! It is the key. Do you have a test of history soon ? So, I want to be able to studying them. Wear thin to do the learning, but you can make a game of it. You 're a Friday night, if it is in the class, have a test on Monday 2-3 next class of your friends ask to others. 

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If a person has received the correct answer, if they get the wrong answer, they receive two points to take the 1 point. Any who get the most points at the end of the study sessions to get to the movies, take your pick !

Note in the class. The use of class specific, so a tutor is a little hard heavy to require more attention, but if it is not. If you are stuck in study and homework, this will help you.

Please note. I listen to what the teacher says. Because I think "teacher is not careful is you, but you do not pay attention, they can be a question, you may not know how to deal with !

Do your homework. It is a smart student is very important work. I shows how you can do at home is smart.

Please do not cheat ! The smart people , please do not cheat.


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